Social Media

Social Media can no longer be ignored as a marketing channel. Increasingly consumers are choosing to engage with brands and businesses through mobile and portable devices. Utilising Social Media to capture this audience is more effective than ever before.

Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media platforms. The idea is to create attractive content and fill your page with great things that potential customers will not just enjoy, but will subscribe to.

Using social media not only puts you and your business out there for the whole World to find but it can also be targeted to your service areas and your specific demographics. The content distributed via Social Media is also an important factor complimenting existing SEO campaigns that you may have.

ADZ Media provide a bespoke Social Media service, so it is important to work closely with you in order to create a personality for your brand. We will create an authentic voice to represent you and to interact with your customers. But ultimately it is your product that interests the followers. Working together we can share success stories from customers and even promote offers, all feeding in to a successful social media campaign.

We start by spending some time on research so that we understand your company, your market and your competitors. We ensure that you are represented on all the relevant social media platforms, creating and optimising your pages as required. We clean up any existing pages and merge or close any duplicate pages to provide a clean social media platform. You will be advised on what content we share and how often.

We post, tweet and manage all platforms. We will create regular content, engage with your social network, grow your followers and schedule a regular stream of activity on agreed platforms. We tailor our services to a profile which best suits your business and we hook everything up with your website.

With social media’s ability to make “content marketing” more engaging and easily distributable, you should begin to see increases in inbound traffic to your site and the commensurate added value that will be a boost to your website’s SEO authority.