Pay Per

Ranking your website on the first page of search engine results is vital to effective online marketing.

PPC (pay Per Click) advertising is the standard model utilised across the most popular search engines to advertise your business and drive visitors to your website.

ADZ Media’s knowledge of PPC is, quite simply, extensive. Our expertise has been developing for as long as Google have offered advertising on their search platform. By combining our deep understanding with Conversion Strategies based around industry leading metrics and analytics, we are able to execute paid search campaigns in a way that simply cannot be matched by the vast majority of Paid Search agencies. Our commitment to excellence provides demonstrable value and a measured Return on Investment.

We use advanced Keyword Research techniques to identify niche areas in which to invest client budget. We dispense with research implied and generic keywords and identify and harness high intent phrases that are far more likely to lead to business. And we host these phrases in carefully constructed adgroups with conversion focused advert creative. We implement high quality landing (or gateway) pages that are optimised to generate business leads or sales for specific keyphrases. With dedicated landing pages created specifically to host the clicks from individual ads and search keywords, conversions take care of themselves.

Paid Search is a science. If you’re paying a fixed amount “per keyphrase”, or £99 per month for 5 keywords, then you’re being conned. ADZ Media campaigns cover thousands of keywords for clients as part of a fixed monthly budget commitment.